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The Horney Rock Show (11.08.2016)


Coming up in today's Horney Rock, along with an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT (as per the picture), we'll have a selection of incredible tunes from the following artists:

Picasso's Dream
Blue August
Anselmo / VanderMaas
Phillip Foxley
Late Cambrian
Color Cast Cinema
Black Nevada

The very missed in the airwaves Parallax Faction will be heard, and so will our classics Gravehuffer, Firecane, Left Wing Fascists and so many more (you already know how the Hornes rule)...

We will be on air from 6pm BST / 2PM EST with awesome tunes and stupid news as always... And with that SUPER IMPORTANT announcement that all XRP Radio listeners and artists should know.

But we're such bitches that we'll leave the cliffhanger there for later today...:P


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